Take Control of Your Treatment Plan

Watch this brief video about a specific gene mutation of EGFR+ non-small cell lung cancer to learn how you and your doctor can discuss the best treatment options for you.


What is the T790M Gene Mutation?

If you have already tested positive for an EGFR gene mutation, chances are you are taking a targeted therapy designed for that mutation. 

But cancer cells grow and change over time, which can lead to a new mutation, T790M, which may mean your medication isn't working as well as before. 

Fortunately, your doctor can order a test for the T790M mutation, and update your treatment plan to fight your cancer most effectively. 



What Can I Do Now? 

Your doctor can test you for the T790M gene mutation via a biopsy or blood test. The sooner you are tested and your doctor can determine if you have the mutation, the sooner your treatment plan can be updated.

Now that you know this gene mutation exists, you can explain to your doctor why getting this information matters to you. 

Know your next steps, ask your doctor whether the T790M test is right for you.