Avella is a national specialty pharmacy dedicated to meeting the unique needs of individuals using IG therapy.

At Avella, patient care is our number-one priority. We provide access to many of the newest, most advanced medications to treat a variety of health issues. Immunoglobulin (IG) is used primarily in treating immune deficiencies or compromised immunity conditions, autoimmune disorders, neuromuscular conditions, some acute infection cases and transplants. Avella provides clinical expertise in meeting the unique needs and challenges of patients receiving IG therapy, through in-home nurses with IG infusion experience.

Since these medications are often complex or higher-cost, our team of pharmacists and patient care experts provide guidance as a member of the care team with you and your patients. We will give patients detailed instructions on treatment regimens along with nationwide distribution and 24-hour access to a pharmacist. We will work on patients' behalf to secure financial assistance from manufacturers to reduce the cost of your medications.


IG Therapy Patient Support


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24/7 clinical support for patients


Text message reminders for easy refills


Multilingual capabilities & patient support

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Ability to serve all 50 states


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