Avella Specialty Pharmacy is proud to be a pharmacy network provider of Ryan White Part A and Part B medications dispensed through the state of Arizona AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP). The Arizona Department of Health Services is responsible for the administration of ADAP for the state of Arizona. ADAP provides access to medications used to treat HIV and prevent the onset of related infections to low-income individuals with HIV disease who have limited or no coverage from private insurance or Medicaid.

Avella has been a contracted ADAP pharmacy since 2006. We’re proud of the fact that patients, providers and the state of Arizona have all selected Avella as their specialty pharmacy of choice. As part of this contract, Avella is responsible for filling and delivering prescriptions for eligible ADAP clients living throughout Arizona. 

We offer the following services to our patients within this program:

  • Insurance verification if necessary
  • Free shipping/delivery
  • Monthly refill calls
  • Easy access to a wide variety of innovative HIV medications kept in-stock at our pharmacies and distribution center
  • Credentialed HIV Expert(AAHIVE) pharmacists
  • “Club Meds” specialized educational/support program
  • Community involvement with various organizations including: Aunt Rita's, Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS, Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation (SAAF), TransOhio and Aid for AIDS of Nevada (AFAN)

For more information on the ADAP program and eligibility, please visit the Arizona Department of Health Services website.

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