SourceB products are used by leading hospitals and health systems, ASCs and physician practices.

Avella’s SourceB products are purchased by large, national health systems as well as all types of hospitals nationwide. We also serve ambulatory surgery centers and ophthalmology practices with a full range of products, including difficult-to-source drugs like bevacizumab. These organizations choose Avella because we can accurately and rapidly fulfill orders of every size, in any geographic location, thanks to our industry-leading capacity. With redundant clean rooms in both Texas and Arizona, Avella can also more easily address any type of operational issue that would hinder production in a smaller outsourcing provider.

By leveraging our two decades of experience in this industry, we are able to anticipate and adapt to the unique needs of our customers while meeting their customized product requirements. These customers tell us that they count on Avella to deliver the ultimate in quality, affordability and efficacy.

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