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Intuitive dashboard for
in-a-dash insights

Knowing you need all critical patient care information quickly and easily, we made the Avella Provider Portal dashboard highly intuitive. A simple interface allows for exchange of complex content. You can view prescription status, quickly share and review clinical notes, and easily monitor treatment...all at a glance.

Status updates in real time so you don't waste time

The Avella Provider Portal provides continuous, real-time status updates to all patient information. This enables you to make patient care decisions based on the very latest treatment information while also eliminating the need to make the otherwise necessary and time-consuming phone calls to chase down such information. That makes for better care. And a better practice.


Customizable so the data you need is the data you get

Every patient is different. Every clinic is different. So we made the Avella Provider Portal interface and reports customizable. You get to choose what information is most relevant to you at the time. There’s no wading through unwanted or unnecessary data. And customizable reporting tools provide a deeper understanding of your practice and patient care.

Benefits to your Practice

Rx Status

Tracks prescriptions down to each step of the fulfillment process


Quickly find a patient, treatment status, and any required action steps


Easily accessible and secure from any computer

Dashboards & Reports

Insights into individual patients and overall practice



portal-globeIf you have internet you have access

You never know when you’ll need patient information. Or where you’ll be when you need it. So we’ve made the portal accessible from home or office or anywhere else you have internet connectivity.

portal-lockPuts your mind at ease and to better use

So you can fully focus on providing superior patient care, we focused on making the Avella Provider Portal hyper-secure. It’s password protected and HIPAA compliant. So you have little to worry about. Other than providing the best care possible–and running the best practice possible.

Using is Believing

The best way to see how the new Avella Provider Portal can help you streamline your practice, better serve patients and save you valuable time and effort is to give it a try.

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