Millions of Americans declare bankruptcy due to healthcare costs every year. We don’t want you to be one of them. 

In fact, unmanageable healthcare costs are the #1 reason people declare bankruptcy. At Avella, we understand that costly medications can create a major financial burden for many people. This is especially stressful if you’re already dealing with a serious medical issue. That’s why our compassionate service specialists will go above and beyond to help you gain access to more affordable medications whenever possible.

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Avella is proud to have helped patients receive more than $68 million in financial assistance last year through manufacturer patient assistance programs, co-pay cards and 501(c)(3) foundations. How can you be among the patients that we do this for today?

  • Patient_Cost-Savings_Quote.jpgWe can find out if you qualify for financial assistance programs from drug manufacturers and non-profit organizations. If you do, we’ll help you fill out the application and take any other steps needed to enroll in these programs. 
  • We can also work with your insurance company in a process called “prior authorization.” During these efforts, we make sure that all of the right documentation is submitted to the people who make decisions about drug coverage at your insurance company. This documentation must establish your need for this medication and show that you qualify according to the insurance company’s specific guidelines. This can help increase the chances that your insurance benefits will apply, reducing the costs of your drugs.

Avella has strong relationships with drug manufacturers, non-profit organizations and insurance companies nationwide. We will work with these groups on your behalf and make this entire process easier so that you can focus on your health and well-being.

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