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For more than 20 years, Avella Specialty Pharmacy has provided specialty medications for patients throughout the United States. We provide prescription services for complex medical issues such as cancer, infectious diseases, immune and autoimmune disorders, neuromuscular disorders, ophthalmological conditions and others. Our pharmacists are trained extensively in these disease states, and we offer strategic counseling, education and financial assistance programs to improve patient outcomes. We deliver a blended model of broad-scale specialty pharmacy services and signature patient care, offering customized resources and expertise to patients, providers and payors before, during and following a prescription fill. We eliminate barriers, reduce clinical burdens for providers and offer patients complex, breakthrough medications for a broad spectrum of specialties.


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Path of a Specialty Prescription
The path of a specialty prescription is complex. This video details each step of the path and the unique offerings of Avella.
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Sarah McLeod
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Avella is available to coordinate subject matter expert interviews on a variety of topics including.


  • Specialty pharmacy/pharmacist role
  • Medication adherence and technology
  • Specialty medication pricing

Please contact Sarah McLeod for more information about Avella Specialty Pharmacy.