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January 1, 1970|
Supporting Continuity of Care for High-Risk Patients
June 12, 2020| CATEGORIES: Specialty Pharmacy , Press Feature
The ongoing challenges of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic are disproportionally affecting specialty patients with chronic medical conditions, including high-risk populations such as the elderly and immune-compromised. Patients taking a specialty drug often rely on enhanced clinical services to ensure safe use of the drug and optimize therapeutic outcomes.
Going Beyond the Prescription in Specialty Pharmacy
March 19, 2019| CATEGORIES: Specialty Pharmacy , Press Feature

Michael Zeglinski, RPh, Senior Vice President of Specialty Pharmacy OptumRx, Chief Executive Officer at Avella and BriovaRx Specialty Pharmacies recently penned this article in Specialty Pharmacy Times about ways the health system can be optimized for patient care. 

Specialty Pharmacy Uses Targeted Texts to Boost Adherence
March 6, 2019| CATEGORIES: Adherence , Press Feature

Avella team members were recently featured in an ASHP article discussing the CareSpeak text message program

A pilot project at Avella Specialty Pharmacy suggests that text message reminders can help patients with chronic and complex conditions stay on track with their therapy and potentially have better clinical outcomes.

Avella's Eric Sredzinski Named Finalist for Phoenix Business Journal's Health Care Heroes Award
August 27, 2018| CATEGORIES: Avella , Specialty Pharmacy , Press Feature

Thursday, August 23rd 2018 - Avella EVP of Clinical and Quality Assurance, Eric Sredzinski, was named a finalist for the Phoenix Business Journal Health Care Heroes Awards in the Non-Physician category. 

As an executive vice president at Avella Specialty Pharmacy, Eric Sredzinski is responsible for the development and oversight of all clinical programs and services provided by Avella.

LD Networks Shrinking; What Do You Need to Get In?
April 2, 2018| CATEGORIES: Specialty Pharmacy , Press Feature , limited distribution drugs

Many of today’s most effective specialty drugs are distributed through limited networks of specialty pharmacies, ranging in size from exclusive (one to two pharmacies) through limited small (two to five pharmacies) and limited large (six to 15 pharmacies). A new white paper from Avella Specialty Pharmacy reports that with 79.2% of manufacturers managing their specialty products through a limited distribution (LD) model, these LDs are shrinking even more, consisting of fewer pharmacies than they did just a decade ago.

Abby Kaplan is Avella Specialty Pharmacy's Master of Acquisition
December 26, 2017| CATEGORIES: Avella , Press Feature

There are two main ways to expand a company,” says Avella Specialty Pharmacy’s Abby Kaplan. “You can do it organically, or you can do it through acquisition.” In 2016, Avella did both.

Managing Pain While Minimizing Risk: The Growing Role of Specialty Pharmacy in Pain Management
October 25, 2017| CATEGORIES: Mobile , Press Feature , Pain Management

 A variety of public and private sector forces have had a dramatic impact on the practice of pain management in the past few years and will likely shape it for decades to come. These include measures put in place at both the state and federal level to address the opioid epidemic, ranging from e-prescribing mandates to scheduling changes and reporting requirements.

Avella debuts new mobile app to assist physicians treating chronic pain, opioid addiction
September 1, 2017| CATEGORIES: Mobile , Press Feature , Pain Management , Addiction Management

One of the biggest hurdles to addressing the opioid crisis in the US is knowing what alternative, non-opioid medications to prescribe for the treatment of chronic pain. Physicians struggle with a complex, patchwork system of state guidelines and regulations that vary with each particular state.

The Value Proposition of Specialty Care
July 20, 2017| CATEGORIES: Specialty Pharmacy , Press Feature

Rebecca Shanahan, JD, the CEO of Avella Specialty Pharmacy, in Phoenix, suggested that the dramatic change in hepatitis C virus (HCV)—from a life-threatening disease to a curable one—illustrates well the evolution of specialty pharmacy.

Health Care GC Turned CEO: Business Expertise, Personal Flexibility Are Keys to Getting to the Top
July 11, 2017| CATEGORIES: Avella , Press Feature

When Rebecca Shanahan was interviewing for her first general counsel position in health care, she was asked about her ability to transition from consumer electronics to such a highly regulated industry.

"I know all about charged-couple devices in a television, and I'm not an engineer, but I know how to sit down with the engineer and really understand [the subject matter] in a way that allows me to apply it to the law,"

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