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January 1, 1970|
Going the Extra Mile to Engage Patients
February 22, 2017| CATEGORIES: Press Mention , Patients

Having a diagnosis requiring a specialty medication “can be very overwhelming, especially if the diagnosis is related to a rare or complex disease,” said Kelly Mathews, PharmD, CSP, the director of clinical services for Avella, in a telephone interview. “[Patients] may not have ever heard of their condition before or know anyone else who has gone through that experience. They may or may not have family support, may be in a rural area where it’s challenging to get connected to other patients or may have difficulties getting back to their doctor’s office, depending on how far away they live. Our specialty pharmacists help engage patients through different programs to address all of these issues and help them take these complex medications from home.”

Avella Achieves Record High for 2015 Patient Satisfaction Ratings
May 23, 2016| CATEGORIES: Patients , Corporate , Press Release

97% satisfaction rate showcases the specialty pharmacy’s dedication to improving the patient experience.

Phoenix, AZAvella Specialty Pharmacy announced today the results from its 2015 patient satisfaction survey, revealing an all-time high of 97% satisfaction overall. These results represent the overwhelmingly positive experience that patients have had with the national specialty pharmacy over the previous year. This accomplishment was documented just as Avella celebrates its 20th anniversary—further showcasing its commitment to patient care and outstanding service for two decades.

The Apothecary Shops Adds 3 New Cancer Drugs to Growing Inventory of Specialty Oncology Pharmaceuticals
May 15, 2009| CATEGORIES: Patients , Press Release

Cancer Drug Sales Up 170%; New Cancer Patients Expected to Increase 45% by 2029 

The addition of three new cancer drugs to The Apothecary Shops’ inventory of oncology pharmaceuticals reflects the company’s growing influence in the rapidly-expanding niche of specialty pharmacies.

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