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January 1, 1970|
Managing Pain While Minimizing Risk: The Growing Role of Specialty Pharmacy in Pain Management
October 25, 2017| CATEGORIES: Mobile , Press Feature , Pain Management

 A variety of public and private sector forces have had a dramatic impact on the practice of pain management in the past few years and will likely shape it for decades to come. These include measures put in place at both the state and federal level to address the opioid epidemic, ranging from e-prescribing mandates to scheduling changes and reporting requirements.

Avella debuts new mobile app to assist physicians treating chronic pain, opioid addiction
September 1, 2017| CATEGORIES: Mobile , Press Feature , Pain Management , Addiction Management

One of the biggest hurdles to addressing the opioid crisis in the US is knowing what alternative, non-opioid medications to prescribe for the treatment of chronic pain. Physicians struggle with a complex, patchwork system of state guidelines and regulations that vary with each particular state.

Avella Launches Pain and Addiction Management Mobile App for Physicians
August 31, 2017| CATEGORIES: Mobile , Press Release , Pain Management , Addiction Management

New app provides valuable guidance on new medications, regulations and prescribing guidelines.

Avella partners with CareSpeak to launch a new medication adherence program
November 7, 2016| CATEGORIES: Mobile , Press Release

The program will deliver customized reminders via mobile text messages to patients while offering valuable insights to Avella’s own pharmacists


Avella has just announced the launch of a new medication adherence program developed in partnership with CareSpeak Communications, a leading mobile health services company. Designed to be simple, secure and convenient for users, the program sends text alerts when it is time for a patient to take or refill their medication.

Powering Decision Support for Specialty Drugs: How Technology is Keeping Pace with Therapeutic Breakthroughs in Hepatitis C and Oncology
June 14, 2016| CATEGORIES: Mobile , Press Mention
IN THE PAST 2 YEARS ALONE, exciting innovations in the fields of gastroenterology and oncology have changed the way that many providers practice medicine on a daily basis. Take the case of hepatitis C virus (HCV), where the clinical challenges typically included too few drugs with too many side effects, leaving providers with limited treatment options.
Avella Launches New Oncology, Hep C App
May 25, 2016| CATEGORIES: Corporate , Hepatitis , Oncology , Mobile , Press Mention

Avella Specialty Pharmacy recently launched two new mobile apps designed to help clinicians select the most appropriate specialty drug options for hepatitis C (HCV) and oncology patients, apps the company said were the first of their kind in the specialty pharmacy industry.

Improving Medication Adherence in HIV Patients: New Mobile App Shows Promising Results in Retrospective Analysis
May 26, 2015| CATEGORIES: Mobile , Press Mention
Given that one in three patients don’t fill prescriptions as directed, medication adherence is a problem across all patient populations. Lack of adherence can be caused by a variety of factors, including physical/mental, social, perceptual and logistical barriers. Among these barriers, forgetfulness is a major challenge…and yet largely preventable. 
Mobile Health Technology Cuts Hospital Readmission Rates
April 17, 2015| CATEGORIES: Mobile , Press Mention
One issue that healthcare providers have seen in the clinical space that’s caused worse health outcomes is the lack of medication adherence among patients. While electronic prescribing may lead to fewer medical errors among pharmacies and medical facilities, it is of little avail if patients aren’t taking their prescribed medication. However, mobile health technology may be able to solve this vital issue.
Avella Has Introduced Online and Mobile Prescription Management Tools for Patients
August 28, 2014| CATEGORIES: Mobile , Press Mention
This summer, Avella Specialty Pharmacy launched a new patient portal and a stand-alone mobile application that allows customers to manage their prescriptions from their mobile phone. By logging into either of these secure tools, patients can quickly and easily request prescription refills, view their prescription history and transfer prescriptions between pharmacies. Not only do these new tools offer greater convenience, they also help Avella’s customers maintain their health and safety by providing access to refill reminders and important information about medications.
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