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January 1, 1970|
Avella Specialty Pharmacy Named One of Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies for 10th Straight Year
August 17, 2016| CATEGORIES: Corporate , Press Release

Avella maintained a three-year growth rate of 112 percent, doubling its revenue since 2012

August 17, 2016 Phoenix, AZ -- Avella Specialty Pharmacy has again been designated one of Inc. Magazine’s 5,000 fastest growing companies in America.

Rebecca Shanahan, CEO, Avella Specialty Pharmacy, Discusses NASP Legal Day
August 10, 2016| CATEGORIES: Corporate , Press Mention
Rebecca Shanahan, CEO of Avella Specialty Pharmacy, joins host Suzette DiMascio, CHE, CMCE, CPC, in Expert Interview Series podcast to discuss NASP Legal Day, and what it means for the legal and regulatory aspects of operating a specialty pharmacy.
Dispensing Medications In Shadow of the Storm
July 29, 2016| CATEGORIES: Corporate , Press Mention
Storms, natural disasters, blackouts and other significant disruptions—even something as benign as Pope Francis’ visit to the United States in 2015—can put major roadblocks in the path of specialty pharmacies’ commitments to provide their patients with all their needed medications on a timely basis. The often critical nature of specialty medications, combined with the temperature sensitivity of many of these drugs, means that neither snow, wind, rain, dark of night nor the Northeast blackout of 2003 can be allowed to delay a specialty pharmacy from its appointed dispensing rounds. So how do they prepare?
Avella Announces Highest Patient Satisfaction Scores to Date
June 6, 2016| CATEGORIES: Corporate , Press Mention
Avella Specialty Pharmacy recently announced overall patient satisfaction results of 97% from its 2015 survey, an all-time high score for the specialty pharmacy.
Avella Announces Expansion and Relocation of its Distribution Facility
May 26, 2016| CATEGORIES: Corporate , Press Release

Deer Valley-based facility will integrate operations and compounding services, including the build-out of a new 8,000-square-foot clean room

Phoenix, AZAvella Specialty Pharmacy has announced it is undertaking a dramatic expansion of its operations through a relocation of its corporate headquarters and distribution facility near its current location in north Phoenix, Arizona. Avella will develop a new outsourcing clean room at this new location to expand its sterile compounding services. 

Avella Launches New Oncology, Hep C App
May 25, 2016| CATEGORIES: Corporate , Hepatitis , Oncology , Mobile , Press Mention

Avella Specialty Pharmacy recently launched two new mobile apps designed to help clinicians select the most appropriate specialty drug options for hepatitis C (HCV) and oncology patients, apps the company said were the first of their kind in the specialty pharmacy industry.

Avella Achieves Record High for 2015 Patient Satisfaction Ratings
May 23, 2016| CATEGORIES: Corporate , Patients , Press Release

97% satisfaction rate showcases the specialty pharmacy’s dedication to improving the patient experience.

Phoenix, AZAvella Specialty Pharmacy announced today the results from its 2015 patient satisfaction survey, revealing an all-time high of 97% satisfaction overall. These results represent the overwhelmingly positive experience that patients have had with the national specialty pharmacy over the previous year. This accomplishment was documented just as Avella celebrates its 20th anniversary—further showcasing its commitment to patient care and outstanding service for two decades.

Avella Talks About Specialty Trends
May 19, 2016| CATEGORIES: Corporate , Press Mention
Rebecca M. Shanahan, Esq., CEO of Avella Specialty Pharmacy, talks with SPC Editorial Director David Bronstein, about trends in specialty pharmacy and what’s in the cards for Avella and the industry.
5 Questions for your VP of Business Development
April 8, 2016| CATEGORIES: Corporate , Partners , Press Mention
Growing by nearly 250 percent over a three-year period, Avella Specialty Pharmacy recently found itself listed on the Inc. 5000. Helping to harness that growth is Leslie Yendro, who here shares five key questions that she—and all business development executives in healthcare—needs to consistently ask and answer to stay ahead. 
Specialty pharmacies: The payer’s dilemma
January 7, 2016| CATEGORIES: Corporate , Press Mention
Although specialty drug costs continue to climb, that is not the only challenge bending the industry. Healthcare stakeholders face an explosive burst of new drugs, some within the same category; a trend toward value-based care; and an emphasis on patient education to ensure compliance and eliminate waste.
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