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EY Announces 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year Finalists
May 12, 2017| CATEGORIES: Avella , Press Mention

EY today named the finalists for its 2017 Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards, recognizing entrepreneurs who excel in innovation, financial performance and personal commitment to their business and communities.

The finalists, selected by an independent panel of judges, are:

Allergy & Asthma Network and Avella Specialty Pharmacy Highlight Risks Associated with Latex Allergies and Latex in Healthcare
March 28, 2017| CATEGORIES: Avella , Press Release

VIENNA, VA / PHOENIX, AZ, March 28, 2017 – Today, Allergy & Asthma Network and Avella Specialty Pharmacy released a new white paper to underscore the significant risks related to latex allergies and the use of latex in healthcare. Specifically, there is substantial confusion as to the meaning of “latex free” in healthcare. In fact, the FDA has urged manufacturers to drop the term “latex free” or a ”does not contain latex” claim from labels, because of the challenge to ensure a product is completely devoid of natural rubber latex proteins that cause allergic reactions. According to the FDA, these labeling techniques are not sufficiently specific, not necessarily scientifically accurate, and may be misunderstood and applied too widely. 

Avella Specialty Pharmacy Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of All Sterile Products Produced at Advanced Pharma Houston Location
February 23, 2017| CATEGORIES: Avella , Corporate , Press Release

HOUSTON, Feb. 23, 2017 - Advanced Pharma, Inc. d/b/a Avella of Houston is conducting a voluntary recall of all unexpired sterile injectable products labeled "latex free" that were produced at Advanced Pharma, Inc.'s Houston location between September 1, 2016 and February 16, 2017 to the user level (hospitals and institutions) because such products may contain synthetic latex and/or natural latex.

Avella and Advanced Pharma have been unable to confirm with clarity whether its "latex free" label statements are accurate in all cases and are therefore conducting this recall in an abundance of caution.  The risk of potential adverse events related to a latex allergy, while rare, can range from local site reactions including swelling and inflammation to allergic reactions, which could be life-threatening to users who are sensitive to latex. These products were not distributed directly to patients or consumers, but rather to healthcare facilities (hospitals and institutions).

Avella Specialty Pharmacy Agrees to Acquire Advanced Pharma
October 25, 2016| CATEGORIES: Avella , outsourcing facility , Press Release

Avella Specialty Pharmacy is proud to announce that we have signed a definitive agreement to acquire Advanced Pharma Inc., a leading provider of compounded sterile preparations to hospitals and health systems nationwide. The transaction is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2016. With this acquisition, Avella furthers its strategic vision of becoming the leading omni-site specialty pharmacy in the nation. The purchase will also add to the breadth of Avella’s compounding capabilities, clinical services and product offerings. 

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