The Apothecary Shops Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Carmel Pharma, Inc. for Veterinary Oncology Business

April 6, 2007| CATEGORIES: Partners , Press Release

The Apothecary Shops, the foremost chain of independent pharmacies, announced today they have signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Carmel Pharma, Inc., manufacturers and distributors of PhaSeal®, for their veterinary oncology business. 

The PhaSeal System is the only clinically proven closed-system drug transfer device available today.  With more than 10 peer-reviewed, independent published studies available, its unique expansion chamber and double membrane make it the only device that meets the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) definition of a closed-system.

With Oncology becoming a larger part of the veterinary profession, it is important to address the issue of chemotherapy contamination in the work place.  Mixing intravenous chemotherapy can lead to dangerous chemical exposures to veterinary office staff.  These types of exposures may increase cancer, cause fertility issues in women and affect birth-defect rates.

“We are extremely proud and excited to offer this pioneering system of safety to the veterinary oncology marketplace. The Apothecary Shops is recognized as a leader in bringing first-class medications and products to our patients and veterinarians. Experiencing cancer first hand has opened my eyes to this public health issue and the impact PhaSeal can have in the veterinary industry. This device will provide the best protection possible to our veterinary customers,” said Dr. Brett Cordes, DVM, Medical Director – Veterinary Pharmacy, The Apothecary Shops.

The System consists of an Expansion Chamber that captures dangerous aerosols and vapors eliminating exposure to airborne contaminants that often go undetected in the work environment.  Utilization of a double membrane ensures dry connections that avoid work space (i.e. countertops) contamination.  Additionally, the Needle-Safe design enables the contained retrieval of all reconstituted medication from the vial.  With the PhaSeal system, veterinary practices are protecting staff and themselves from liability associated with work place chemical exposures. 

"I am confident that this innovative partnership will be seamless and will parallel the quality of service our customers have come to expect from Carmel Pharma, said David Schneider, President of Carmel Pharma, Inc., “This joint venture is an important step to expand the awareness of safe handling across specific market segments.  It will enable us to offer the best technology and dedicated services to our veterinary customers."

The PhaSeal System is manufactured by Carmel Pharma AB in Gothenburg, Sweden and is distributed from its U.S. subsidiary, Carmel Pharma, Inc., in Columbus, OH. PhaSeal has been in use in the U.S. since 2000 and has been implemented in more than 500 cancer centers, oncology practices, specialty pharmacies in the U.S., including M.D. Anderson in Houston, TX, Texas Children’s and UCSF.

In addition to being a full-service pharmacy, The Apothecary Shops has focused their practice on several specialty areas, including veterinary medicine.  Other specialties within the company include compounding, oncology, ophthalmology, fertility, infectious disease, pain management, women’s health, solid-organ transplant and sports health. The company, founded in 1996, was the first veterinary pharmacy in the nation to earn the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board’s (PCAB) Seal of Accreditation – a new system of standards created by some of the leading organizations in pharmacy. The PCAB Seal of Accreditation shows their dedication to protecting patients by practicing safe, high-quality compounding. The pharmacists and certified technical staff at all 11 Apothecary Shops are on the cutting edge of the pharmaceutical industry.

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