Since Opening in 2007, Columbus’ Apothecary Shop Showing Significant Growth in Specialty Focuses

August 28, 2009| CATEGORIES: Press Release

HIV/AIDS, Transplant, Ophthalmology Among Fastest Growing Segments

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Aug. 28, 2009): Since opening for business in January 2007, The Apothecary Shops, a specialty pharmacy with specific expertise in ten areas of excellence including HIV/AIDS, fertility, transplant, veterinary, pain management and ophthalmology, the store has seen business increase from $3,000 that first month to more than $430,000 in July of this year.

With a staff that now includes an after-hours pharmacist, three technicians and a full- time sales representative, The Apothecary Shops has provided medications to nearly 100 heart and kidney transplant patients at Ohio State University – and delivered meds to their beds when they’re ready to be discharged – and made tremendous strides in building collaborations in the HIV/AIDS community.

More importantly, the pharmacy – the only one in Columbus operating with Pharmacy Compounding Accrediting Board (PCAB) accreditation and one of only three PCAB-accredited pharmacies in Ohio – has expanded the availability of medicines offered to a wide range of physicians and their patients.

The Apothecary Shops is among just a few pharmacies in Columbus dispensing Serostim, a medication for HIV patients with Wasting Syndrome.

Located in a 1,700 square foot storefront in the five-story Eye Center at 262 Neil Ave., Pharmacy Director Dave Brandebura, R.Ph., said that in addition to a growing base of clients in HIV/AIDS, transplant and compounding, the company is projecting significant growth in the areas of fertility, pain management and ophthalmology over the next 12 months.

“We’re also targeting veterinary practices in the Columbus area because of the value and importance that our specialty and compounding bring in treating medical issues in pets,” he said. “Compounding enables the veterinarian to medicate animals who would not willingly take a drug in its regular form. This makes it easier to administer to the pet and greatly improves therapeutic outcomes."

Based in Phoenix, Ariz. and with stores in Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Los Angeles, the privately held Apothecary Shops don’t compete with retail drug stores by offering general merchandise or many over- the-counter drugs.

“Our focus is strictly on providing compounded and specialty medications. We provide clinical expertise for patients with complex medication regimens such as oncology. We enjoy the high-touch approach for these types of patients, care givers and practitioners,” Brandebura said. “To that end, we are building relationships with doctors serving the HIV/AIDS community, working more with fertility specialists and practices and we definitely look forward to seeing an increase in compounding, fertility and pain management.”

As a PCAB-accredited pharmacy, The Apothecary Shops completed a rigorous approval process and operates its compounding lab under very strict guidelines and pharmaceutical standards. The company is dedicated to PCAB accreditation for all stores as it continues to grow and expand throughout the United States.

“The company is committed to ensuring that our patients and practitioners receive pharmaceuticals of the highest quality,” Brandebura said. “PCAB accreditation provides that level of confidence and security.”

The Apothecary Shops is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday with a pharmacist available after hours.

About The Apothecary Shops

Based in Phoenix, The Apothecary Shops is the country’s foremost chain of independent full- service pharmacies with specialties in fertility, women’s health, oncology, ophthalmology, infectious disease, pain management, transplant, sports health, veterinary medicine and compounding. A National Specialty Pharmacy, The Apothecary Shops has provided individualized care and support to patients since 1996. The pharmacists and certified technical staff at all 15 locations are on the cutting edge of the pharmaceutical industry and are trained to handle complex medical conditions. Additionally, the company offers a National Mail-order Pharmacy. 

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