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January 1, 1970|
Avella Selected by AstraZeneca to Distribute CALQUENCE® (acalabrutinib)
October 31, 2017| CATEGORIES: Oncology , Press Release

The specialty pharmacy will provide access to this FDA-approved, second-generation treatment for mantle cell lymphoma

Avella's Take on Diabetic Macular Edema
October 26, 2017| CATEGORIES: ophthalmology , Press Mention

Avella's Vice President of Ophthalmology, Jim Rehovsky, is featured in Specialty Pharmacy Continuum article titled, Diabetic Macular Edema: 6 Steps for Better Control.

Managing Pain While Minimizing Risk: The Growing Role of Specialty Pharmacy in Pain Management
October 25, 2017| CATEGORIES: Mobile , Press Feature , Pain Management

 A variety of public and private sector forces have had a dramatic impact on the practice of pain management in the past few years and will likely shape it for decades to come. These include measures put in place at both the state and federal level to address the opioid epidemic, ranging from e-prescribing mandates to scheduling changes and reporting requirements.

How local businesses are offering help for opioid problems
October 20, 2017| CATEGORIES: Press Mention , Pain Management , Addiction Management

Avella was recently featured in a Phoenix Business Journal article on how businesses in Phoenix are contributing to halting the opioid epidemic. 

Part Two: Influential Women in Specialty Pharmacy Help Guide the Industry
September 26, 2017| CATEGORIES: Specialty Pharmacy , Press Mention

If you haven’t already, we hope you’ll begin reading this 2-part series by viewing part 1, where we profile 5 women who we’ve identified among specialty pharmacy’s most highly-regarded leaders. In the conclusion to this series, you’ll meet another group of women who are applying their unique capabilities and expertise to positively impact their organizations, as well as the industry at large.

Make More Room at the Table for Women in Healthcare
September 20, 2017| CATEGORIES: Press Mention

Avella CEO Rebecca Shanahan authors op-ed for The Hill

It’s no secret that in most households across America, women are the individuals making health care decisions for themselves and their families. A recent study from the Center for Talent Innovation, a New York-based think-tank, showed that of women who work and have children under 18 years old, 94 percent make health care decisions for others.

Often referred to as a family’s chief medical officer (or CMO), women have become the backbone of the $6 trillion health care industry — doing the bulk of the purchasing, scheduling and research around healthcare decisions.

Pharmacy executive on opioid abuse: try more training and a prescription "endgame"
September 11, 2017| CATEGORIES: Press Mention , Pain Management , Addiction Management

Part B News recently talked to physicians and other experts about the opioid crisis and how practices should handle it. We also talked to a pharmacy expert and executive with some actionable ideas for managing patients on these powerful drugs.

Avella Tops 2016 List of Fastest-Growing, Private Specialty Pharmacies
September 7, 2017| CATEGORIES: Specialty Pharmacy , Press Mention

This article originally appeared on Drug Channels

Time for our annual review of the latest Inc. 5000 list, the magazine’s annual ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States. The list offers a valuable snapshot of the dynamic specialty pharmacy industry. This marks our sixth annual review of the list.

We have identified 15 specialty pharmacies on the 2017 list, which is based upon revenue growth from 2013 to 2016. Annual revenues range from $6.4 million to $1.3 billion.

Avella debuts new mobile app to assist physicians treating chronic pain, opioid addiction
September 1, 2017| CATEGORIES: Mobile , Press Feature , Pain Management , Addiction Management

One of the biggest hurdles to addressing the opioid crisis in the US is knowing what alternative, non-opioid medications to prescribe for the treatment of chronic pain. Physicians struggle with a complex, patchwork system of state guidelines and regulations that vary with each particular state.

Diplomat, Avella and Walgreens Got Busy Prior to Hurricane Harvey
August 31, 2017| CATEGORIES: Press Mention

By Aug. 30, four full days after Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Gulf Coast of Texas and inundated Houston and surrounding areas with historic levels of flooding, 574 ZIP codes remained unreachable by shipping companies delivering specialty pharmacy medications for Diplomat, according to Gary Rice, the company’s executive vice president of operations.

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