Dry Eye Sufferers, and There Are an Estimated 21 Million Nationwide, Mostly Women, Can Ease Their Own Symptoms

August 12, 2009| CATEGORIES: Press Release

Autologous Eye Serum Uses Patient’s Blood For Effective Eyedrop at Avella 

PHOENIX, Ariz. (Aug. 12, 2009): Sufferers of dry eye, which is caused primarily by the loss of water in tears and is one of the most-common eye conditions in middle-aged individuals, especially women, can take an “active” role in treating their symptoms by giving up a little of their own blood.

A growing list of studies show that Autologous Eye Serum, an eye drop which uses a patient’s own immune properties as its foundation, has been highly effective in treating severe dry eye disease.

Dry eye, a sandy-gritty irritation or burning that generally gets worse as they day goes on, affects approximately 14 percent, or an estimated 21 million, people over 40. Women are primarily impacted by dry eye as a result of changes from menopause.

“There are many studies in Europe and Japan showing that Autologous Eye Serum helps heal the corneal cells and stimulates tear production,” said Jim Rehovsky, R.Ph., National Director, Ophthalmology at Phoenix-based Avella through which ophthalmologists can order Autologous Eye Serum. “The eye drops use your immune system to produce immune bodies that help stimulate epithelial tissue to come back and help with the dry eye problem.”

Studies published in both the British Journal of Ophthalmology and American Journal of Ophthalmology as well as publications including Ophthalmology and EYE support the effectiveness of the product.

Dr. Sheila MacLennan, who co-authored a review article in the British Journal of Ophthalmology of a randomized controlled trial concluded that “this treatment was superior to conventional treatment for improving ocular surface health and subjective comfort” for most patients in the study.

Rehovsky cited the effect of the serum on a Valley-based woman with corneal ulcers in her eye who “couldn’t drive a car or operate a computer and today has no problems or pain.”

He said that Avella pharmacists have completed special ophthalmological training programs related to the use and compounding of Autologous serum.

After consulting an ophthalmologist and receiving a prescription, a patient has his or her blood drawn at a lab. The blood is provided to Avella where the sample is run through a centrifuge as part of the process to create the custom-made, individualized eyedrop.

Autologous Eye Serum is not FDA approved because using a person’s blood prevents it from being manufactured on a large scale. However, it is one of many effective drugs being used by doctors nationwide, Rehovsky said.

“Autologous is of a self-healing nature that has worked very well” and Avella is filling orders from physicians across the nation.

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