Avella’s Use of AdhereTech Improves Adherence and Generates One to Two Additional Fills Per Patient Per Year, Across Multiple Specialty Medications and Diseases

July 10, 2018| CATEGORIES: Adherence , Press Release

The specialty pharmacy uses AdhereTech smart pill bottles for multiple specialty medications from various manufacturers, with consistent improvements in adherence, duration, refills, and the patient experience.

Phoenix, AZ – Avella Specialty Pharmacy and AdhereTech are proud to share the results that their successful partnership continues to have for patients. Avella currently uses the AdhereTech program for five specialty medications, in programs with four different pharmaceutical manufacturers. Averaged across all patients and programs from 2015 through today, AdhereTech has improved duration on therapy by 26%, fill rates by 9%, and dose-level adherence by 15%. On average, the AdhereTech program generates 1 to 2 additional fills of specialty medications, per patient per year.

Medication adherence is one of the most important – and complex – issues in healthcare today. Unfortunately, adherence is often especially challenging for patients who take specialty medications. These classes of medications may be more difficult for patients to manage, as they typically involve: detailed treatment regimens, frequent side effects, varying doses schedule, detailed refill processes, higher copays, and the need for additional patient support.

At Avella, the AdhereTech program continues to achieve stellar results for patients. One of the many benefits is that the program delivers additional support to patients or caregivers when it’s needed most, leading to a great patient experience. For example, in addition to sending intelligent reminders for missed doses, the system is able to determine if a patient may need additional care via proprietary data analysis that occurs on the backend. In such an event, the system sends a real-time alert directly to an Avella nurse, who can then review the information from AdhereTech. The nurse can then decide to contact the patient to provide additional care, at the exact moment it’s needed. Patients receive this full service at no additional cost, and patient feedback is overwhelmingly positive, with the average patient satisfaction rating at 4.7 out of 5. 

All parties in healthcare benefit from this program. Payors and providers see patients with higher adherence and streamlined management of health issues, such as adverse events. Pharmaceutical manufacturers see improved refills and dispenses. Pharmacies are able to intervene with patients early on, saving time and outreach efforts in the future. And most importantly, patients receive an exceptional patient experience and targeted real-time care. 

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“The use of AdhereTech has been a strategic part of Avella’s overall efforts to increase medication adherence rates and improve health outcomes for our patients,” said Eric Sredzinski, EVP of Clinical Affairs and Quality Assurance for Avella. “By improving our ability to provide targeted support right when each individual needs it, this technology has truly optimized our patient care practices.”

About Avella Specialty Pharmacy
Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Avella Specialty Pharmacy is a National Accredited Specialty Pharmacy, providing individualized care and support to patients since 1996. Avella's clinical pharmacists and staff members are experts in managing complex disease states and providing compassionate care. The company offers a nationwide distribution service to complement its retail locations. In 2016, Avella was named Specialty Pharmacy of the Year by NASP, a nationally recognized pharmacy trade committee. Inc. Magazine’s 2017 list of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in the country included Avella for the eleventh consecutive year and also recognized Avella as the fastest-growing woman-led company in 2015. In addition, the Arizona Corporate Excellence Awards named Avella Specialty Pharmacy as the second fastest-growing private company based in the state in 2016. For more information, please visit

About AdhereTech
AdhereTech provides pharma-sponsored support programs to patients on specialty medications, all powered by its patented smart pill bottles. Customers include many of the largest pharma companies and specialty medications, as well as most of the top specialty pharmacies in the US. Patients receive a smart pill bottle from the specialty pharmacy, with their fill of a specialty medication. The bottles work right out of the box, with zero setup. Patients simply use it just like a normal bottle, and automatically get all of the benefits of the program, including helpful reminders for missed doses. The system is intelligent and will only send a reminder when a dose is missed. Additionally, the program also provides personalized support for refills & health issues. If a patient needs additional support, AdhereTech's system notifies their pharmacy or healthcare provider. The pharmacy or healthcare provider then knows about important issues earlier, so they can contact the patient to provide support, sooner than ever before possible. For more information, please visit


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