Avella Releases New Report on Anticipated Specialty Drug Approvals

April 27, 2018| CATEGORIES: Specialty Pharmacy , Press Release , limited distribution drugs

The leading specialty pharmacy has compiled insights about the specialty drug pipeline along with an analysis of the network distribution strategies for these medications.

Phoenix, AZ -- Avella has just announced the release of a 16-page report detailing the specialty drug pipeline, including all of the latest medications expected to receive FDA approval within the coming months. The 2018 Q2 Specialty Medication Pipeline Report provides at-a-glance information about all of these therapies including indications, approval status, anticipated costs, clinical considerations and therapeutic alternatives, among other key data points. It also provides helpful explanations of the various designations and approval processes undertaken by the FDA for specific types of medication such as orphan drugs and breakthrough therapies.

The report will be especially useful for healthcare providers and industry stakeholders looking to gain a perspective on treatments that may soon be available to patients diagnosed with a wide variety of conditions. It contains information about 19 new drugs slated for approval in the second quarter of 2018, including therapies for cancer, inherited disorders, enzyme deficiency, as well as other acute and chronic conditions including rheumatoid arthritis, opioid use disorder, epilepsy, sickle cell anemia and severe neonatal jaundice.

The pipeline for specialty drugs continues to be an area of rapid growth. Last year, the FDA approved 56 new drugs, 34 of which were specialty drugs. Seventy-seven percent of these applications were granted through a prioritized review process.

“Given this level of growth, it can be difficult for healthcare providers to keep pace with the changing landscape and all the new therapies available to them,” said Todd Speranzo, Vice President of Marketing at Avella Specialty Pharmacy. “The publication of this new report is just one example of the many ways Avella is dedicated to supporting physicians, hospitals and other healthcare partners by providing valuable information and resources.”

Avella frequently publishes data analyses and reports used frequently by its customers to gain insight into trends and market dynamics. The specialty pharmacy just released another new report that explains the network strategies used to distribute specialty drugs like those in the 2018 pipeline. It details the value provided by limited distribution networks for patients and physicians. Limited distribution networks typically include a small number of pharmacies authorized to distribute a drug. These pharmacies are typically selected by drug manufacturers based on their unique capabilities and expertise in managing patients with specific types of health conditions.

For more information, download the 2018 Q2 Specialty Medication Pipeline Report and the Limited Distribution White Paper. 

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