Avella Releases an In-Depth Outlook on Oncology Report for 2017

April 19, 2017| CATEGORIES: Oncology , Press Release

Outlook on Oncology White Paper.pngAvella Specialty Pharmacy has issued its Outlook on Oncology report, a fact-based analysis that depicts the current state of the oncology industry and explores the trends, opportunities and new developments affecting cancer care delivery. The new white paper is available for download at

The data-rich report details how many of the changes taking place in the healthcare industry as a whole are specifically impacting the oncology space. One example cited is the real-time information exchange happening between healthcare stakeholders, which is enabling greater coordination of care for oncology patients. In a similar manner, new oncology-focused Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are fostering greater collaboration among payers, providers and pharmacies.

Avella provides access to a wide variety of specialty drugs prescribed by oncologists, and its pharmacists possess specific expertise in this area. The pharmacy also interfaces with healthcare stakeholders across the industry - including providers, hospitals, payers and drug manufacturers - giving the company a wide-ranging perspective on the issues depicted in this latest report. The release of this document is part of Avella’s commitment to serve these communities by regularly reporting industry insights, clinical study outcomes and advancements in specialty pharmacy services within its areas of clinical specialty. 

“Payer- and provider-led initiatives are now zeroing in on oncology as an opportunity to improve quality while reducing healthcare costs in a sustainable manner,” said Eric Sredzinski, Pharm.D., AAHIVP, Executive Vice President of Clinical Affairs & Quality Assurance for Avella. “Our new Outlook on Oncology report showcases how these efforts are set to transform the area of cancer care, and specifically how specialty pharmacies will be central to these new models.” 

Avella’s pharmacists have seen their roles in care delivery evolve with the FDA approval of many new oral oncolytics, which are administered in the home and not within a clinical setting. This trend has driven a need for extensive patient engagement and education to be conducted at the point of care by pharmacy staff. One-on-one support with patients may include helping them understand the importance of medication adherence, providing guidance about what to expect from treatment and managing specific issues like side effects and drug interactions.

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