American Animal Hospital Association Joins Growing List of Organizations Advocating Pharmacy Compunding Accreditation

July 1, 2009| CATEGORIES: Press Release

The Apothecary Shops Pharmacies in Scottsdale, Columbus Among 50 Accredited Nationwide 

PHOENIX, Ariz. (July 01, 2009): The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), a worldwide professional development association serving more than 40,000 veterinary providers, has joined a growing chorus of advocates endorsing the use of specialty pharmacies accredited by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB).

At its recent board meeting, AAHA directors passed a motion recommending that “veterinarians acquire compounded medications from PCAB accredited pharmacies whenever feasible.”

The vote by the 66-year-old organization’s leadership follows similar positions taken by the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Society of Veterinary Hospital Pharmacists, American Pharmacists Association and United States Pharmacopeia.

Brett Cordes, DVM, who manages the veterinary specialty pharmacies for The Apothecary Shops and a consistent and proactive advocate for PCAB accreditation’s importance in setting pharmaceutical standards for companion animals, lauded the AAHA’s decision.

“The movement to establish appropriate standards for compounding pharmaceuticals for animals is as important to the care and well being of our pets as is finding a qualified, concerned and caring veterinarian,” Cordes said.

The Apothecary Shops, based in Phoenix, is in the process of securing PCAB accreditation for its xxx pharmacies in xx states. Currently, Apothecary Shops pharmacies in Scottsdale and Columbus, Ohio are among 50 pharmacies already accredited nationwide. The PCAB reports that more than 110 have applied for accreditation.

“We believe strongly enough in the process to meet the PCAB’s high quality and practice standards that the company is investing all necessary resources to ensure that all of our pharmacies earn accreditation,” said Hamilton Baiden, Vice President of Marketing for The Apothecary Shops. “We want every veterinarian with whom we work and all of their clients to know that the pharmaceuticals they receive from our pharmacies adhere to the strictest possible standards.”

PCAB uses comprehensive standards created by some of the leading organizations and pharmacy compounding experts in the profession. To earn PCAB accreditation, pharmacies meet strict criteria which include, but are not limited to, an extensive application, documentation of written policies and on- site inspections of quality procedures.

Tom Murry, PharmD, JD, executive director of the American Veterinary Medical Association, quoted in the June 6, 2009 issue of Veterinary Practice News, said that PCAB accreditation “is a way to validate that (a pharmacy) meets high quality standards.”

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About The Apothecary Shops

Based in Phoenix, The Apothecary Shops is the country’s foremost chain of independent full- service pharmacies with specialties in fertility, women’s health, oncology, ophthalmology, infectious disease, pain management, transplant, sports health, veterinary medicine and compounding. A National Specialty Pharmacy, The Apothecary Shops has provided individualized care and support to patients since 1996. The pharmacists and certified technical staff at all locations are on the cutting edge of the pharmaceutical industry and are trained to handle complex medical conditions. Additionally, the company is a teaching site for pharmacy students from around the United States. For information, visit

About The American Animal Hospital Association

Founded in 1933, The American Animal Hospital Association presently serves approximately 6,000 practice teams in the U.S. and Canada, and more than 40,000 veterinary care providers in North America and overseas. With a professional staff of 74, AAHA runs more than 20 meetings and seminars annually, and produces a wide array of publications, videotapes, client information and other services. The AAHA is respected internationally for its dedication to professional development, for its hospital accreditation standards, and for the excellence of its education programs. This recognition and the strength of the organization is a tribute to the vision of its founders and to the leadership and dedication of the many veterinarians and other veterinary professionals who have devoted time and energy to serve AAHA through the years as directors, officers, member representatives, and committee members. For more information, visit

About Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board

Compounding pharmacists play a vital role in their patients' lives, providing customized medications ordered by prescribers, sometimes when all other options will not work. Compounded medications are prepared by pharmacists for individual patients, often with special needs. As the demand for compounded medications increased, the pharmacy profession saw a need for an enhanced, profession-wide system of standards by which each compounding pharmacy can test its quality processes. Compounding pharmacists also wanted a mechanism to allow them to know that their quality is high and that their patients are as safe as possible. PCAB Accreditation gives patients and prescribers a way to select a pharmacy that meets high quality standards. For more information, visit

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