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Avella's Eric Sredzinski Named Finalist for Phoenix Business Journal's Health Care Heroes Award
August 27, 2018| CATEGORIES: Avella , Specialty Pharmacy , Press Feature

Thursday, August 23rd 2018 - Avella EVP of Clinical and Quality Assurance, Eric Sredzinski, was named a finalist for the Phoenix Business Journal Health Care Heroes Awards in the Non-Physician category. 

As an executive vice president at Avella Specialty Pharmacy, Eric Sredzinski is responsible for the development and oversight of all clinical programs and services provided by Avella.

Specialty Pharmacy Feeling the Strain as Financial Needs Increase
August 13, 2018| CATEGORIES: Press Mention , Specialty Pharmacy

Avella EVP of Clinical and Quality Assurance, Eric Sredzinski, was recently quoted in the following Specialty Pharmacy Continuum article.

A perfect storm is brewing as specialty drug prices reach all-time highs, out-of-pocket drug costs increase and financial assistance programs reach capacity.

“While commercial and Medicare Part D patients are seeing rising cost-sharing requirements and greater demand for assistance, the increasing contributions from drug companies over the past five years seem to be plateauing,” Daniel Klein, the president and CEO of the Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation, said during the Asembia 2018 Specialty Pharmacy Summit.

Limiting the Distribution of Oncology Drugs
July 23, 2018| CATEGORIES: limited distribution drugs , Specialty Pharmacy , Oncology

The following article was written by Avella's EVP of Clinical & Quality Assurance, Eric Sredzinski, and published in Specialty Pharmacy Times.

Oncology is already among the top therapeutic classes in specialty pharmacy.1 Experts say that drugs to fight cancer will continue to dominate the next wave of FDA approvals and enter the market at a rapid pace. Yet specifically how these medications are delivered to patients is also expected to evolve over time. This is especially true as manufacturers look to partner with specialty pharmacies that possess highly specific expertise in supporting patients with cancer and their complex treatment regimens.

Simple Technology Extends Patient’s Time on Therapy with Specialty Medications for up to 3.5 Months
July 18, 2018| CATEGORIES: Adherence , Press Release

CareSpeak’s automated patient engagement platform extended days on therapy for Avella patients with cancer by 73 days and with inflammatory disease by 102 days.

PHOENIX, AZAvella Specialty Pharmacy has just published new data showing that automated patient engagement, in combination with patient monitoring and trigger-based pharmacist interventions, have a significant impact on patient adherence and persistence. 

Avella’s Use of AdhereTech Improves Adherence and Generates One to Two Additional Fills Per Patient Per Year, Across Multiple Specialty Medications and Diseases
July 10, 2018| CATEGORIES: Adherence , Press Release

The specialty pharmacy uses AdhereTech smart pill bottles for multiple specialty medications from various manufacturers, with consistent improvements in adherence, duration, refills, and the patient experience.

Phoenix, AZ – Avella Specialty Pharmacy and AdhereTech are proud to share the results that their successful partnership continues to have for patients. Avella currently uses the AdhereTech program for five specialty medications, in programs with four different pharmaceutical manufacturers. Averaged across all patients and programs from 2015 through today, AdhereTech has improved duration on therapy by 26%, fill rates by 9%, and dose-level adherence by 15%. On average, the AdhereTech program generates 1 to 2 additional fills of specialty medications, per patient per year.

Avella Selected by Array BioPharma Inc. to Distribute BRAFTOVI (encorafenib) and MEKTOVI (binimetinib)
June 27, 2018| CATEGORIES: Oncology , Cancer , Press Release

The specialty pharmacy will give patients access to this important new FDA-approved combination therapy for patients with advanced BRAF melanoma.

Phoenix, AZ -- Avella has announced that it will distribute BRAFTOVI™ (encorafenib) and MEKTOVI® (binimetinib), a combination therapy recently FDA approved for patients for the treatment of patients with unresectable or metastatic melanoma with a BRAFV600E or BRAFV600K mutation, as detected by an FDA-approved test. 

Managing Patients with IBD with Biologics
May 1, 2018| CATEGORIES: Press Mention

At Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit 2018, Kelly Mathews, PharmD, CSP, the director of clinical services and residency program director at Avella Specialty Pharmacy, discusses the paradigm shift in treating patients with inflammatory bowel disease with Christopher T. Owens, PharmD, MPH, the associate vice president, Kasiska Division of Health Sciences, Idaho State University. 

Avella Selected by Otsuka to distribute JYNARQUE
April 27, 2018| CATEGORIES: Press Release

The specialty pharmacy will give patients access to this new therapy for polycystic kidney disease, the only FDA-approved drug available in the US to treat this condition.

Phoenix, AZ -- Avella announced that it has been selected by Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc. (Otsuka) to distribute JYNARQUE™ (tolvaptan), the very first FDA-approved therapy for patients diagnosed with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD). Avella is one of just three pharmacies providing access to the medication.

Avella Releases New Report on Anticipated Specialty Drug Approvals
April 27, 2018| CATEGORIES: Press Release , limited distribution drugs , Specialty Pharmacy

The leading specialty pharmacy has compiled insights about the specialty drug pipeline along with an analysis of the network distribution strategies for these medications.

Phoenix, AZ -- Avella has just announced the release of a 16-page report detailing the specialty drug pipeline, including all of the latest medications expected to receive FDA approval within the coming months. The 2018 Q2 Specialty Medication Pipeline Report provides at-a-glance information about all of these therapies including indications, approval status, anticipated costs, clinical considerations and therapeutic alternatives, among other key data points. It also provides helpful explanations of the various designations and approval processes undertaken by the FDA for specific types of medication such as orphan drugs and breakthrough therapies.

Avella to Improve Access to Naloxone, an Opioid Overdose-Reversing Medication, Through an Innovative New Program
April 24, 2018| CATEGORIES: Addiction Management , Pain Management , Press Release

The program’s launch will help further the Surgeon General’s efforts to encourage Americans
to carry this drug and help save lives.

Phoenix, AZ -- Avella has announced it will distribute naloxone, a powerful therapy used to treat opioid overdoses, as part of an innovative new program designed to improve access to the drug. The program allows individuals and family members in certain states to simply contact the pharmacy and order the drug by phone, with no physician prescription needed. In these circumstances, one of Avella’s pharmacists will actually supply the prescription if they determine that EVZIO® (naloxone HCl injection) or another naloxone therapy is appropriate. 

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