Mobile Health Technology Tools for Providers & Patients

At Avella, we believe that having immediate access to information about medications and patients' treatment regimens increases healthcare efficiencies, enhances the patient experience, and improves patient outcomes. To help our providers and patients, we have developed free technological tools with access to the most up-to-date patient and medication information.

  • Free Medication Management Text Message Program for Patients
  • Oral Oncology Medication Guide App for Providers
  • Hepatitis C Medication Guide Mobile App for Providers
  • Provider Portal

Free Text Message Medication Management Program

Have you ever forgotten to take your medication? You are not alone, and now there is help. Avella's two-way text message program gives patients the tools they need to stay on track.

This interactive program features:

  • Medication dosing and refill reminders
  • Weekly feedback on progress toward goals
  • Optional alerts for caregivers and more

Learn more about our Text Program, watch the video, and view a full list of included therapies. 



Oral Oncology Medication Guide App for Providers

The oral oncology medication guide app uses a decision-support process to help providers determine appropriate medications for many types of cancer. Watch the video to learn more.

The app features:

  • Ability to search by medication or disease state on 70+ medications
  • Many limited distribution medications
  • In-depth information about each drug’s FDA indication, formulation, dosing, monitoring parameters and key counseling points.

Download it on your platform of choice!

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*This app is intended for healthcare professionals.  



Hepatitis C Mobile App for Providers

The free, easy-to-use HCV mobile app is intended for providers who are currently prescribing Hepatitis C medications to help them quickly access medication-specific information based on genotype. Watch the video to learn more.

The mobile app also includes:

  • Ability to search by medication or genotype
  • Tailored search based on genotype and treatment history
  • Links to hepatitis resources
  • Helpful information on copay programs, patient assistance programs, and support for patients and providers.

Download it on your platform of choice!

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*This app is intended for healthcare professionals.  



Avella Provider Portal

The information you need. 
The simplicity you desire. 
The service you deserve. 

Rx Status
Tracks prescriptions down to each step of the fulfillment process

Quickly find a patient, treatment status, and any required actions

Easily accessible and secure from any computer

Dashboard & Reports
Insights into individual patients and overall practice

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“Having access to all of this prescribing information in an easy-to-use app streamlines the process of identifying optimal treatment recommendations."

Kevin Prince, M.D.
Internal Medicine, UMC of Southern Nevada, Avella Customer