We’ve been part of the Optum family since 2018, and now we’re changing our name to have a more consistent and simple experience for the people we serve.


Avella is becoming Optum Specialty Pharmacy


Only our name is changing, everything else will stay the same. You’ll contact the same pharmacies and work with the same team members you work with today. We’ll give you plenty of notice if there are any future changes. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the name change, and what it means for you.

How will this affect my specialty prescriptions?

At this time, nothing will change for you. You’ll just start to see the new name wherever you used to see Avella Specialty Pharmacy.


Though our name and logo will be different, everything else will stay the same. You’ll still call the same phone number on your prescription label to reach your specialty care team. And you can expect the same great service, supportive staff and hands-on care.

You’ll start to see the Optum® Specialty Pharmacy name in the coming months. This kind of change takes time. Over the next year, you may see both brands when you use your specialty pharmacy.

There will be no change to the website at this time. If anything changes, we will let you know.

For now, there are no changes in how you order your specialty prescriptions. You will continue to place new and refill specialty orders by:

  • Phone: You can continue to call the phone number on your prescription label or 1-877-546-5779
  • Doctor: Tell your doctor to continue ePrescribing using the same information from your past prescriptions

The non-specialty pharmacy benefits and services you receive will not change. Please continue to order your non-specialty prescriptions as you do today.

If these FAQs have not answered your questions, please call us at 1-877-546-5779.