Avella Specialty Pharmacy began as a single pharmacy in Scottsdale, Arizona in 1996. It has since expanded to become one of the fastest-growing healthcare companies in the nation, with locations in eight states and a national distribution center. Through it all, Avella has stayed true to our steadfast vision: facilitating a hands-on, patient and physician focused approach to the dynamic and growing arena of specialty pharmaceuticals.

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Avella Launches Pain and Addiction Management Mobile App for Physicians

Avella launched a new mobile app aimed at care providers who manage patients dealing with chronic pain or an addiction to pain medication. This Pain and Addiction Management Mobile App will provide much-needed guidance and support for providers in the wake of the opioid epidemic and tightening regulations around the prescribing of certain pain medications. Learn more.

Avella CEO Rebecca Shanahan Assumes NASP Presidency

Ms. Shanahan brings extensive healthcare and specialty pharmacy experience to NASP. In this position, she leads the efforts to advocate for NASP’s member pharmacies and educate stakeholders including regulators, media and other healthcare organizations on their behalf throughout 2017.



2016 was a banner year for Avella Specialty Pharmacy. From acquisitions to increased medication access, last year was full of milestones for us. Take a look at our short video to see some of the achievements that made last year such a great one. Or check out the infographic here.

Avella Moves to New, Larger Corporate Headquarters

Avella transitions to a new 50,000-square-foot corporate headquarters in Phoenix, AZ. This move allows the company to conduct its clinical, operational and administrative processes under one roof while maintaining greater scalability for future growth.


Avella Specialty Pharmacy Agrees to Acquire Advanced Pharma

Advanced Pharma Inc. is a leading provider of compounded sterile preparations to hospitals and health systems nationwide. With this acquisition, Avella furthers its strategic vision of becoming the leading omni-site specialty pharmacy in the nation. The purchase will also add to the breadth of Avella’s compounding capabilities, clinical services and product offerings.

Avella Specialty Pharmacy Acquires Oncology Plus

Oncology Plus LLC is a leading provider of patient-specific compounded therapies to oncology practices, hospitals and payors nationwide. This acquisition adds to the breadth of Avella’s compounding and oncology-focused capabilities and services, and furthers its strategic vision of becoming the nation’s leading omni-site specialty pharmacy.

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Avella Partners with CareSpeak to Launch Adherence Program

The text message program is designed to be simple, secure and convenient for users and delivers customized reminders and alerts when it is time for a patient to take or refill their medication. The program expands Avella’s efforts in optimizing overall adherence and patient engagement.

AdhereTech Available for Avella Patients Taking Select Oncolytic Medications

These smart, wireless pill bottles use lights and chimes to remind patients to take their medication. The AdhereTech system makes automated phone calls to patients or caregivers if a dose is missed. Patient responses are sent to a live care team who can contact the individual in real time to ensure they are using the medication appropriately.


Avella Wins Specialty Pharmacy of the Year Award

At the 4th annual National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP) meeting in Washington D.C., Avella was named Specialty Pharmacy of the Year. The award is the first of its kind and Avella was chosen from 1,200 corporate association members.

Avella Becomes Exclusive Provider of Probuphine

Avella became the exclusive specialty pharmacy provider of the Probuphine (buprenorphine) implant from Braeburn Pharmacy Solutions. Probuphine is indicated for the maintenance treatment of opioid dependence.


Avella Unveils Two Apps with Specialty Drug Prescription Guidance for Healthcare Providers

Avella Specialty Pharmacy launched two innovative apps to help providers select the most appropriate specialty drug options for hepatitis C and oncology patients. These complimentary, easy-to-use mobile medication guides allow providers to access prescribing information for a wide variety of medications—regardless of manufacturer—all in one place, right from their phone.

Avella selected by AbbVie to distribute Venclexta™

Avella Specialty Pharmacy has been selected by pharmaceutical manufacturer AbbVie to dispense Venclexta (venetoclax), the first therapy in its class to win FDA approval. Venclexta is an oral, once-daily drug indicated for use in certain patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. The FDA recognized the importance of this new therapy early on, speeding its time to market through a breakthrough therapy designation, priority review status and accelerated approval. Venclexta also received orphan drug designation from the FDA.




Avella selected by AstraZeneca to distribute IRESSA® (gefitinib)

Avella has been selected by AstraZeneca to distribute IRESSA® (gefitinib) for a sub-set of patients with metastatic EGFRm positive non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Avella is proud to have been selected to distribute this oncology medication as a first-line treatment for certain lung cancer patients.


Avella Approved for .Pharmacy Designation

Avella Specialty Pharmacy has been approved by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) to register a .pharmacy domain name for its website.

Avella Selected to Distribute Several Specialty Medications

Avella has been selected to distribute several oncology medications (Farydak, Nexavar, Stivarga, IBRANCE) as well as a lupus medication (Benlysta). As one of a limited number of specialty pharmacies with access to these medications, Avella’s clinical team is proud to offer such innovative therapies. 


Avella, Sentry To Partner on 340B Distribution

Avella Specialty Pharmacy announces a partnership with Sentry Data Systems to help hospitals and health systems manage their participation in the federal 340B drug discount program.


Avella achieves accreditation through ACHC.

The Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) recognizes Avella for complying with national standards that facilitate a higher level of performance and quality across all of its clinical and operational processes.  

Avella registers as an outsourcing facility with the FDA in accordance with the Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA). 

As a designated outsourcing facility, Avella consents to greater federal oversight and adherence to current good manufacturing practices – further demonstrating our commitment to providing the highest level of care and quality for our patients.  


Avella Chosen as Specialty Pharmacy Partner for Zydelig® (idelalisib).

Zydelig (idelalisib) is a breakthrough medication used to treat three types of blood cancer. As one of a limited number of specialty pharmacies with access to this oncology medication, Avella’s clinical team is proud to offer such an innovative therapy. 

Avella among a group of specialty pharmacies to distribute new medication for adults with active psoriatic arthritis

Avella announces that it is prepared to begin distributing Otezla, a new oral therapy to treat active psoriatic arthritis (PsA) in adult patients. Avella is proud to be at the forefront of innovation by providing access to this new medication for psoriatic arthritis.


Avella Collaborates with NIH in Renal Transplant Patient Adherence Study

Avella Specialty Pharmacy recently partnered with researchers at the University of Arizona to look at the effectiveness of behavioral adherence contracts in renal transplant patients. Committed to improved patient outcomes, Avella took part in the National Institute of Health study to assess the effects of a year-long behavioral contract intervention among patients on a specific medication regimen.


Avella chosen by Pharmacyclics, Inc. and Janssen Biotech, Inc. as a select specialty pharmacy partner to dispense Imbruvica.

Imbruvica (ibrutinib) was initially only indicated to treat patients with mantle cell lymphoma (MCL), but was later FDA approved for patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) as well. Avella is one of only five specialty pharmacies authorized to dispense Imbruvica, and is fully prepared to meet an increase in demand for the medication.

Avella Announces Addition of Rebecca M. Shanahan to Senior Management Team.

Rebecca Shanahan’s two decades of successful leadership in the healthcare sector, as well as five years of service on Avella’s Board of Directors, make her an excellent choice to succeed founder John Musil, Pharm.D., as CEO of Avella. Her goals as she entered this position were to expand Avella’s clinical pharmacy, patient advocacy, and specialty pharmacy services into new disease categories and via new healthcare partnerships – all areas of success within her first year as CEO.


Avella Expands Use of Innovative Technology Tool to Increase Patient Adherence

Avella announces the expansion of its GlowCap® pilot program designed to assist patients in taking their medication on time and on schedule. GlowCap® is a wireless prescription bottle cap equipped with a tool that reminds patients to take their medication through sound and light signals.


Avella Selected as Synagis Provider in Texas and Colorado

Avella Specialty Pharmacy has been chosen by Navitus Health Solutions LLC to provide Synagis® to its managed Medicaid members in Texas and Colorado. The prescription medication is used to help prevent a serious lung disease caused by respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in infants and children at high risk for severe lung disease from RSV.

Phoenix Business Journal recognizes corporate growth of Avella Specialty Pharmacy

Avella is recognized as one of Arizona's top 5 fastest-growing private companies at the Arizona Corporate Excellence (ACE) awards. This sustained growth allows Avella to offer expanded clinical services to customers.


Avella Received URAC Accreditation in Specialty Pharmacy and Mail Service Pharmacy.

URAC, a Washington, D.C.-based health care accrediting organization that establishes proven standards for the health care industry, recognizes Avella’s dedication to quality, service and patient safety.

Avella chosen by Genentech as a limited network provider for Tarceva® (erlotinib).

Genentech, manufacturer of Tarceva, shifted distribution of the drug to a limited network of select specialty pharmacies to provide appropriate support and guidance for patients receiving this oncology medication. Avella is honored to be chosen as one of these select specialty pharmacies.



The Apothecary Shops Changes Corporate Name and Brand to Avella Specialty Pharmacy.

Avella began its journey as a compounding pharmacy called “The Apothecary Shops,” but changes its name to reflect the company’s pioneering spirit in the specialty pharmacy industry, as well as to define the transformation the company has made over the previous 16 years. 


Avella acquires Colorado Pharmacy in Denver and opens first East Coast retail pharmacy in Orlando, FL.

Primarily focused on infectious diseases, Colorado Pharmacy offers new and exciting customer expanded clinical services under the Avella brand. To complement existing national distribution capabilities, Avella opens in Orlando, FL with future expansion at this location in mind.

Avella Reaches Agreement With Pfizer to Distribute Inlyta™

Avella receives distribution rights from pharmaceutical manufacturer Pfizer for its new drug Inlyta™ (axitinib), for the treatment of advanced renal cell carcinoma (RCC). The ophthalmic medication inhibits certain receptors that can influence tumor growth and progression of kidney cancer.


Avella Reaches Agreement to Distribute Eylea Injection for ophthalmology practices.

Receiving distribution rights for Eylea, an injectable medication that prevents blindness by treating age-related macular degeneration, continues to verify Avella as a market leader in compounded drugs for ophthalmology. 


The Apothecary Shops continues strategic expansion with opening of a retail pharmacy in Austin, Texas.

With a prime retail location and capacity for distribution, this location serves patients across the states of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

John Musil, Pharm.D., named CEO of the Year at Arizona Corporate Excellence Awards.

The Arizona Corporate Excellence Awards, presented by The Business Journal, honor founder and then-CEO John Musil, Pharm. D., for leading one of Arizona’s largest and fastest-growing private companies. The award recognizes Musil’s innovative approaches, community involvement, dedication to company employees and leadership accomplishments, all of which have been crucial to The Apothecary Shops’ success since its earliest beginnings. 


The Apothecary Shops broaden its patient coverage with the addition of a community-based location in St. Louis, MO., and the acquisition of Greater Sacramento Pharmacy in California.

The acquisition of Greater Sacramento Pharmacy facilitates expanding services for patients and offers The Apothecary Shops additional clinical expertise in the key focus area of oncology.


The Apothecary Shops becomes one of only 15 companies nationwide with a Tier 1 status to dispense cancer drug Nexavar® (sorafenib).

Nexavar was the first oral-cancer therapy that inhibited both tumor and tumor blood vessel growth among patients with advanced kidney and liver cancers. The Apothecary Shops becomes one of only 15 companies nationwide qualified to distribute the drug. 


The Apothecary Shops expands distribution operations to serve more patients nationwide. 

Opening a new corporate headquarters and expanding our call center and national distribution facility to over 25,000-square-feet allows The Apothecary Shops to keep up with the growing base of patients around the nation.


The Apothecary Shops adds three new cancer drugs to growing inventory of specialty oncology pharmaceuticals.

The addition of Afinitor, Nexavar and Caphosol to The Apothecary Shops’ inventory of oncology pharmaceuticals reflects the company’s growing influence in the specialty pharmacy niche. 

Avella Web Site Granted Legitscript Pharmacy Web Site Verification

Avella receives web-site verification approval from LegitScript, a leading consumer advocacy organization whose standards for pharmacy web-site safety and compliance is designed to support health-care consumers and organizations seeking to do business with legitimate online pharmacies. 



The Apothecary Shops is the first pharmacy in the nation to achieve the coveted PCAB Accredited Compounding Pharmacy designation.

With a focus in clinical excellence and quality, The Apothecary Shops achieve recognition and accreditation as leaders in the practice of compounding patient medication.



The Apothecary Shops opens pharmacy in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Apothecary Shops expands its operations outside of Arizona to open a location in Las Vegas, Nevada


The Apothecary Shop expands out of the Phoenix area.

The Apothecary Shops opens a new location in Tucson, Arizona. This is the first time The Apothecary Shops expands outside of the greater Phoenix area.


The Apothecary Shop expands due to growing business demands.

The Apothecary Shops expands to six community-based pharmacies in metropolitan Phoenix in response to increased demand for its services. These new pharmacies are developed in strategic locations near clinical practices.



The Apothecary Shops opens its first location.

Avella Specialty Pharmacy opens its first pharmacy in Scottsdale, Ariz., under former company name (The Apothecary Shops) to address the community’s growing need for expert clinical support and guidance along with breakthrough medications.