Smart, Wireless Pill Bottles

AdhereTech is now available for patients taking select oncolytic medications.

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What Makes AdhereTech Different?

  • Zero Patient Setup: Immediately and automatically sends data from anywhere in the world
  • Reliable & Scalable: Built by one of the largest high-tech medical device manufacturers in the USA
  • Customizable Interventions: Bottle settings (automated phone calls, text messages, lights, chimes, etc.) can be adjusted and personalized
  • Easy to Use: Used just like a regular pill bottle with a standard child-resistant cap
  • Safe & Secure: Regulatory compliance is our top priority (FDA, HIPAA, CE, USP, ISO and many more)
  • 6+ Month Battery Life: Bottles are rechargeable just like cell phones, and can be used for up to 5 years

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To help patients take their medications on time, AdhereTech is remaking that ubiquitous orange bottle and giving it a high-tech facelift.