ACAP Preferred Vendor Information & Resources

Avella has been designated as a Preferred Vendor through the Association for Community Affiliated Plans (ACAP). ACAP is a national trade association representing 59 nonprofit safety net plans (Medicaid focused) in 24 states. These plans serve nearly 12 million enrollees, representing more than 50 percent of individuals enrolled in Medicaid plans.

The ACAP Preferred Vendor program provides access to pre-qualified organizations in specific areas of interest to ACAP plans and their members. All vendors must first be sponsored by an ACAP plan and this recommendation is reviewed and approved by the association’s board members and its plan representatives.  

Avella’s expertise aligns directly with the needs of ACAP plans and their members

Avella’s dedication to providing premier patient support and education makes our organization an ideal fit for ACAP’s plans and the individuals they serve. Our team of highly-trained clinicians have deep clinical expertise and experience working with Medicaid members. And our clinical professionals take a holistic approach to understanding each patient’s unique needs including health, emotional and lifestyle issues. 

Avella’s expertise in improving medication adherence through technology-enabled resources and patient support may also be of particular interest to Medicaid plans. Medication non-adherence is a serious, widespread issue that impacts clinical outcomes and contributes to rising healthcare costs. Medicaid members frequently face barriers to adherence including cultural, education, health literacy and transportation issues.

Avella is honored to be designated as an approved vendor through this important program. Our experience collaborating with payers and providers, as well as our dedication to providing exceptional care to patients, will allow us to support ACAP plans as they work to improve the health of underserved populations.

For more information about ACAP, visit the association’s website.