Whether your practice is new to administering chemotherapy or highly experienced in oncology treatments, Avella has the exceptional support, education, and unparalleled attention to detail that you need in a custom pharmacy. By outsourcing these complex, powerful medications, you can reduce pharmacy overhead, free up your staff, and, most importantly, spend more of your time focused on patient care.

There are also several other benefits to Avella’s 503A services, such as:

  • Eliminating drug waste. Compounding meds are patient-specific, so drugs are never wasted.
  • Saving on supplies. All drugs are provided based on a patient-specific, J-code billing unit—meaning you can only order what is required to treat the patient.
  • Freeing up staff. Keep non-reimbursement staff from mixing time.
  • Delivering quickly. We offer a one-day turnaround on all prescriptions.
  • Checking for quality. Our pharmacists perform a 15-point quality check on each prescription.
  • Ensuring compliance. All of our products are mixed in USP 800-compliant environments.

Though you may not need to outsource all of your medications, we are often able to facilitate better pricing on certain drugs—not to mention that we offer interim service during renovations to meet USP standards. We are open to all opportunities, with no contracts or commitments required.

Whether you’re a physician, a pharmacy buyer, a pharmaceutical manufacturer, a payer, or a patient, we are here to help! At Avella, our focus has always been on patients first and foremost—and that’s something that will never change.


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