Our specialty infusion products include the latest breakthrough oncology drugs produced in a USP 800-compliant facility.

Avella’s 503A compounding services give physicians, hospitals and payers a cost-effective way to provide safe, powerful drugs to hematology and oncology patients. Our patient-specific, unit-dose chemotherapy drugs are used in IV or other specialized administration. Given that these chemotherapeutics are hazardous drugs with a narrow therapeutic index, they must be produced in a facility with the highest standards for safety and quality. Avella meets that need by employing highly-trained oncology pharmacists and maintaining compliance with USP 800 throughout our 5,000-square-foot compounding facility.

As a result, hospitals can outsource these complex, powerful medications without the need to build and staff a facility that complies with these standards. This reduces pharmacy overhead and frees up resources to be used internally where they are needed most. Oncology physicians also have a partner they can trust, thanks to the expertise of our staff and our excellent track record for safety. In addition, we use a proprietary ordering, dosing and pathway compliance software which ensures accuracy throughout all of these processes. The end result is best-in-class patient care, safety, quality and outcomes.

Avella also strives to make the entire ordering process easy and convenient for our customers. Because we compound overnight, we’re able to receive a specific order and then mix, pack and ship it the same day. So our customers always get the right amount of medication at the right time.

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