Refill and manage your prescriptions anywhere, anytime, from your phone.

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My husband and I just started using the new Avella app. We find it easy to use and even better for refilling our prescriptions. Love how it tracks its progress and let's us know when its ready. Thank you Avella for making our wonderful experience even better.

S.G., Patient
San Diego, CA

The Avella mobile app includes features that make staying on top of your medication information as easy as possible. 

  • Refill your prescription from any smartphone
  • Receive text notifications when the medication is ready for pick up or delivery
  • Find an Avella pharmacy near you
  • Set medication reminders that will notify you by text when it's time for another refill

In addition, this highly secure app stores all of your prescription history

Your prescription history can be shared with any healthcare professional to ensure they make informed decisions about your treatment and care. 

You can even invite your family members, caregivers or friends to access this tool so they can help you manage your medication needs. Thanks to the Avella mobile app, you’ll have important information about your medication and care whenever and wherever you need it, from any smart phone.  Watch this video to learn more.

Download it on your platform of choice or view it in your browser!

 Android       iOS      IN BROWSER


Learn how Avella's mobile app is helping HIV patients

Avella and mscripts recently studied the effect of medication adherence (taking the right medication, at the right dosage, at the right time) for HIV patients using our mobile app. Studies showed that Avella patients using the mobile app were 49% more successful at achieving viral suppression of their condition than the general U.S. population. Achieving and maintaining viral suppression of HIV is key to preventing treatment failure. 

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